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Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing

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  • Product Manual:Fleetpro is the best Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing Suppliers in China. We provide top quality Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing at affordable prices. For inquiries call us at +86-571-86970590.

Center bearing is installed at the bottom center of vehicle, and used to support the driving shaft, it consists of bearing, bracket, rubber cushion and flingers etc., the good sealing performance of bearing can ensure long working life.

Fleetpro provide2 years limited warranty for Rubber ,10000 kilometers for Bearing

Various Drive Shaft Center Parts for making the Drive Shaft

Driver shaft is present in those vehicles, which have the feature of either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. There are many drive shaft center parts, which are assembled carefully to make the shaft. The shaft has the task of providing power to the rear center gears from the transmission. The power from the gear is shifted to all the rear tires and wheel. The drive shaft has two sections, which are connected by a U shaped metal bracket. This bracket consists of a machine beating made up of rubber. The U shaped metal is designed in order to keep both the sections of the shaft solid. When the vehicle picks up the speed, the shaft reduces the vibration.
Since the shaft is made up of many components, it is very difficult to replace it. People should not do it themselves. Rather they should call a professional or take the car to the garage where the professionals will replace the shaft with a new one.

Different parts of the shaft include flange yoke, tube, U joint, end yoke, center bearing, and many others. All these parts are available with Fleetpro Company and people can contact the drive shaft center support and order the components.


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